Tips on trips

15 minutes by the mountain path into Bojnice wells, castle and zoo.
5 km Prievidza, 2km Bojnice, 2 km Castle Bojnice.
2 km Bojnica wells, 0,5 km Sport centrum,
17 km Hornonitrianske mining museum,
2 km Prepoštská Cave, 5 km Airport ,
10 km Nitrianske Rudno dam, 35 km Čičmany

The nearest swimming:

2,1 km swimming pool Čajka,
2 km Bojnice wells - outdoor swimming pools
10 km Nitrianske Rudno - reservoir

The nearest skiing

10 km Cigel, 22 km Fačkovské saddle - Klak,
18 km Remata Handlova, 35 km Čičmany

Prievidza 5km

Prievidza, a town with 56 000 inhabitants, 
is a district town which lies in the middle 
of Upper Nitra Basin between the mountain ranges 
Vtáčnik, Ždiar, Strážovské vrchy and Malá Fatra.
It is an industrial and trade centre in the region.
The first written evidence of town’s existence can 
be found in a document of Zobor abbey from the year 1113.
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Bojnice 2km

The oldest and best known tourist centre
in the Upper Nitra region is the town Bojnice 
with its 6 000 inhabitants.
Archeological research by now shows that 
the town Bojnice was settled already in prehistoric 
times. Bojnice is especially known for its gorgeous 
castle, ZOO and spa.
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Bojnice castle 2km

Bojnice castle is one of the oldest and most 
important Slovak historical monuments.
It was built on a travertine hill. Under the castle 
there is a travertine cave with freshwater lakes.
Different events are taking place in the castle.
E.g.: International Festival of Ghosts and Spirits,
Fairytale Castle, Noble Christmas,
Valentine’s Day and others.
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ZOO Bojnice 2km

The ZOO was set up in 1955. It is the oldest 
and greatest ZOO in Slovakia. During the following 
years it has grown to an extensive areal with lots 
of aviaries, with pavilions of monkeys and elephants, 
with terrariums and also with forest predators.
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Spa Bojnice

The first evidence of healing springs
is recorded in a document of Zobor abbey
from the year 1113. Nine thermal springs
provide water with temperature
25-52 degrees. Favourable water effects
help to heal locomotive organs diseases,
rheumatic, diseases, states after injuries
and orthopaedic surgery.
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Sport Centre

Multifunctional sport centre. Bike renting.
Wellness, fitness, tennis.
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Upper Nitra Open-air Mining Museum

The sightseeing begins with an introduction
education about the security. After visitors
change their clothes and get necessary equipment
in mining dressing room, they can enjoy a 2312m
long train journey into the underground with speed
of about 12km per hour.
Duration of the whole sightseeing is about 3 hours.
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